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Originally Posted by Twilight Error View Post
I used to build LiIon batteries for the aerospace market. I would not install any one of the current crop of commercial LiIon batteries into my bike. The charging systems we've got are designed around Lead-Acid, which are vastly more tolerant of abuse than any LiIon chemistry available. Even the relatively forgiving Iron Phosphate variants don't match up well with our charging systems. I would wait until batteries with dedicated charge control electronics positioned between the charging system and the cells are on the market.
Well, that's enough information for me to stay clear of LiFePo as engine start batteries.

Now as for R/C airplanes? I might give that a try but I still like big glow engines for R/C flying...I guess the sounds of a well adjusted Schnuerle ported or PDP glow engine at takeoff is just too compelling...Hey, now maybe I'm understanding why some folks like aftermarket, loud exhaust on their boxer? I don't think so.
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