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Originally Posted by fotopat View Post
Gee, I was under the impression that the speed limit was the same in all lanes. Silly me!
Not in California!!!! lol
Only place in the states you'll get high beamed and a ADV salute for going 85mph in the fast lane.. I've ridden/driven from Orange County to San Diego and back (75 miles) 1000's of times never going below 80-85mph and still soccer moms in Suburbans and every Jonny racer will BLOW by you.. I mostly stay in the #2 lane (from the center) and still get surprised when someone passes me doing 100mph all day long.

I read an article once I think in Car and Driver and the author said the only way he could explain Interstate 5 in Southern California was comparing it to a 8-9 lanes across NASCAR race. I've lived here my entire life so it's just normal for me, but it is funny when people come to visit for the first time.
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