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Originally Posted by tileman View Post
It may have been asked before but can you give me a link to the outer sheath (black) that you have used, It really neatens the front wiring. Also about the fuse holder too if possible.
godwinmt nailed it, that's the series I use, comes in colors and sizes.

Connectors I get here now, they're US based for me and ship fast.

Fuse holder I picked up here, they also have the connectors, so you can combine your order, but take a bit longer to get here,

Originally Posted by jesusgatos View Post
Is certainly possible to have the best of both worlds, and it has been done. Try to find some images of the old Baja XR650's with dual 8" racelights. They were frame-mounted and tied into the steering. We're working on adapting that idea to smaller LED lights now.
Hey Jesse, they still have them, kind of pricey and don't break it in a race, all the force of an impact is transferred to the strut. I'm with Aaron, a big fan of helmet lights. The LED ones are super bright, last longer then HID and getting lighter all the time.

Originally Posted by godwinmt View Post
The wrap looks like powerbraid...McMaster looks like they have it for pretty cheap

Working on the first iteration of a tower for the WRR. Still need to add in various switches/work on packaging/lightening, but it's getting there. Looking forward to seeing how light+rigid I'll be able to make it with a bit of FEA

Nice job on the design, if you have a decent FEA plugin use it, they're magic and can save a lot of time and grief.

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