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Security driving the roads in Alaska (what a joke)

First of all let me preface this by saying as long as I'm not driving between Wasilla and Anchorage where all the road warriors are driving I don't feel secure at all. There are to many cell phone being used and two many drivers that don't have any respect for thier fellow travelers. And thats in the middle of summer. I commuted between Anchorage and Wasilla for quite a few years and IMO its just gotten worse.

I do realize if you watch your time ( time you leave one or the other) you can have a traffic free ride.

Some folks will think because I'm running a sidecar it would be a snap to drive in in the winter conditions because I won't fall over, But I can still slide off the rode which could really be ugly.

I don't run studs because I personally do not think they work that well, two many ditch divers will tell you I just lost control Officer and I was going the speed limit.

Never admitting they were going to fast for conditions or thier phone rang.

I'm running all season radials on the drive wheel and sidecar and a regular road tire on the front wheel of the bike

I rode up Hatcher Pass Fishook road out of Wasilla and was able to maintain 35-45 on the curves found a lot of black ice just drive the way you should and be careful

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it
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