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Originally Posted by 640 Armageddon View Post
Get ready for some roadbook parts in the near future
I know you've been hard at it, can't wait to see it on your bike, nice shop what's the sewing machine used for?

Originally Posted by DasMatti View Post
Why would you want to put the Nav-Tower on your fork and not the frame?

It's just additional weight you have to steer with your arms.
Is this some kind of steering-damper ->more weight, less prone to wobble?
Personaly I'd hate to have that thing on my fork. Just put it on the frame....

Please enlight me
The triple mounted version with F@R holder, 2 Squadrons, fairing and all the brackets d the and fasteners weights in at 5.5lbs and the radius it swings is tight, the pendulum effect is all but unnoticeable for shorter rides, have no idea how it would feel after something like the B1K.

Originally Posted by GS eh! View Post
Hi Paul, is that a clear cover over the lights??

Let me know when you can ship.
Yep, had some 1/16" polycarbonate and had the kid cut one up out of a template I printed out, then he pop riveted it on. I'm not too sure how I feel about that yet, want to see how much dust will collect behind it. It won't be easy to clean.

Have to take care of all the guys that trusted me to get the project done first, should have that handled by the end of next week.

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