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Optimus Dual... Any Pics? + Wiring

Originally Posted by Cyclops Motorsports View Post
Thanks Tim
The different harness and light configurations are in the drop down Option menu for the single Long Range light.
We haven't added the dimming harness yet due to having a tough time just keeping up with orders. Right now the dimming harness is hand made one at a time.
I"ll get that done here in the next few days.
Your local. I'm more than willing to drop a set by for you.

If anyone has thoughts,ideas or even special request, I am all ears. We make custom kits all the time.

Optimus Single - $139
Optimus Single Kit (2 qty. Optimus Single lights with basic Wiring Harness) - $259

Optimus Dual - $239
Optimus Dual Kit (2 qty. Optimus Dual lights with basic Wiring Harness,No dimming) Plug and Play- $459

Dimming harness with handle bar mounted switch is 69.95 This harness option takes the place of the basic harness. For now these are not on the site but available threw a pm or call.
Hi again!

1)- You are mentioning Optimus Dual... I can't find any pics on the site... Could u post a pic or two here with dimensions?

2)- Also, could those lights (single or dual) be wired to the factory High/Low beam without the need of a separate switch?

So, who else is having a tough time deciding on what to get and what have u all decided? Two 10s or One 10 and One 20? Hard to make up my mind.

Thanks for your help.
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