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1150GS - noisy fuel pump/spluttering at half tank

Hi everyone,

I tried searching for other people having this issue, found similar reports - but nothing exactly the same.

2002 R1150GS (single spark). About 128k km (80k miles)

When the bike gets about half a tank the bike will splutter once or twice (i.e. completely dies) - after a couple of seconds it comes back to life. Keeps the sphincter puckered if you are overtaking and there is an oncoming truck when it happens.
Once it has done this once or twice it then doesn't repeat it... although I usually find a fuel station quick smart in case the cheeky bastard repeats it in the middle of whoop whoop.

Around the same time, the fuel pump starts getting REALLY noisy. Like, louder than the engine noise noisy when the engine is under load.

I bought the bike not that long ago, and before I really rode it (i.e. noticed this problem) I changed all the fluids, plugs, plug lead on the RH head, adjusted the valves, the fuel and air filters.
Since I actually noticed the issue, I have had the injectors professionally cleaned (blasted), hasn't fixed it. Also drained the tank to get any shit out of it - hasn't fixed it either.

(my fuel guage only sporadically works as well, but I understand that to be a separate issue, most likely fixed by this: )

Any suggestions as to what might be worth looking at?
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