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Paul that is indeed a great design, on the bike it looks even better !!
About the lab, The sewing machine is used to modify some fireproof suits for people that handle molten metal ... They do not come in sizes so we are trying to make their job easier. Make military straps for helmets, you name it... It was one of the nice additions to the plant There is a laser at the very end but eats only plexy and wood ... I may be able to make the Roadbook out of wood... Then you can use it to make fire in the event of an emergency


Nice design, keep in mind that you need to leave one degree of freedom (or two ). The lights have to be adjustable and so does the tower in order to have some angle adjustment. It is a preference I guess but it makes things easier if anything fails.

Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
Preaching to the choir, there seems to be more idiots using it to prove an untenable point at times. I can't wait for a release that will weigh defined design parameters and learn, then make self modifications!
Off topic but we have to add to the knowledge pool here
There are indeed such programs Paul. You can choose which parameters the program can change (thickness, angle, number of ribs, thickness of ribs - for example ) and there is a technique called Design of Experiments. It was used for quality control in the old days but it can be applied whenever the combinations of the parameters is large enough. Basically the program chooses the combinations, runs the FEA and then comes up with the best design based on your parameters. These can be anything. Shape changes, holes, material, whatever... You know how parametric design works so given an Excel file you can do everything...
Of course such FEA come with a price tag (Inventor has such a feature but the Multiphysics from Autodesk is far better). So what you can do is find a Design of Experiments software, let it decide the values for the parameters and run induvidual runs from yourself. Back in my PhD days Toyota used to do that to decide the best shape for the torsion bars for some of its cars, Mitsubishi (MSSC) used to optimise shot peening parameters for car suspension springs. I mean, you can go crazy with these things but my approach is to run a couple of simulations to see if there is anything foundamentaly wrong and then make it. Then test it in the real field !

Sorry for the long pasage... got a bit carried out there....
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