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I love my studded Kenda Trackmasters. One car stud per knob with just enough carbide showing to break the surface of the ice and enough rubber that I feel confident on dry pavement. 6 good scratches in the ice when I stomp hard on the rear brake.

I've been through 4 fun-filled winters of +40f to -20f through ice and snow at 0 to 60+mph. My front tire has always held and the rear kicks out in a very predictable and controllable manner if I want it to. Knobbies do get a bit warm running at highway speeds but the leading edge of the rear tire is just now starting to round off.

Maybe because of our strange winter but I think this was the first time there wasn't a tire studding party where you could practice drilling and using a pneumatic stud gun. Hackymoto did my tires years ago for Barb but I got em instead.

When I first got em it had been a long time since I'd ridden a dirt bike or true knobbies. Since I'd forgotten to lower the tire pressure on my first outing years ago, I almost called it quits right then and there before being reminded about lower pressure. Now I only run about 15 to 20psi or so. Works for me.

One of my favorite pics of Comet looking like he's wondering if I really want to do this. Mark H.

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