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Originally Posted by craftycoder View Post
My feeling is that Google has absolutely NAILED the road stuff with Google Navigator (and obviously Dual Sport Maps is a fabulous off road app ;). Even if you are an "iPhone guy" I think buying a cheap/used Android device just for your bike is a better use of money than buying a Garmin.

If it was you,which "cheap" Android device would you choose? Would I just be able to "light up" the phone and use the GPS portion and download apps without having to sign up for cell service like Verizon or ATT etc? Sorry, tech noob here.
If you are going to use your iPhone and do not want to incurr charges get an app like Navigon and download the maps offline. No data use. But it doesn't support route importing, it does do routing though (point to point). But you will pay about $50 or so for it.

The Nexus 7 for example you can download off line maps of the areas you are traveling too and use the GPS as is, no data needed. The nice thing about that is you can download a few maps, reach a wifi hot spot, download or update as needed and so on. Again, no data needed. Really depends if you own an iPhone already or not. If you do not own an iPhone and do not want a data plan, just get a Nexus 7, you get a good GPS built it, and with the Nexus, once you are in a wifi hot spot, you then have a full blown internet device for email, surfing, Hulu, etc. on a nice looking and good sized screen.
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