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Originally Posted by cbolling View Post
Simple. Sell the Triumph and get a Honda NC700X with the DCT. No clutch and it will do everything that your Truimph does.
Wow, didn't expect that from the scooter crowd. That is of course an option and I have thought about it. I have talked to my local Honda dealer and they have no plans to put the DCT model on the floor, they will order one if the customer pays up front. I don't really like that dealership and their service dept. On the other hand I have a great relationship with my local BMW, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio dealership. I test rode the C650GT and really liked it and if I was to go the sell the Tiger rout I would consider the BMW but I've read some over at the BMWMOA forum and those owners are talking 45 mpg. Hell my Triumph gets that with 94 hp and a five gallon tank. My darn T800 is farkled up the wazoo, I'd take a hell of a beating if I sold it and I really like it anyway. The dealer I like has an open house on Saturday, may try to wrangle a test ride on a Beverly.

I know there are not a lot of owners yet in this thread, but I still would like to know if the big BV can comfortably manage 200 plus miles on a tank. I'm thinking 70 mpg, 3.4 gallon tank, the numbers are there on paper, not sure about the real world.
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