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Originally Posted by GapRunr View Post
Time to dig up this old thread.

I've got a 1981 R80 g/s that had about 4,500 miles put on it from new until June of 1990, then sat for 22 years until i bought it. I got it back on the road and the clutch was not grabby. The lever action was very smooth and the clutch worked perfectly. 1,500 miles later the clutch splines are shot and the input shaft is also damaged. It went from working perfectly to completely SNAFU'd in about 300 yards of travel on the road.

Does it make sense to anyone that this could have happened at such a low mileage, and so quickly? I never got any signs that something was wrong, it just started slipping on the splines when I went to pull away from a light.

I'm starting to think this bike may have had more miles on it than the odo led me to believe.
I had the same issue with my bike. Bought it with 33.450 km on the clock, and drove it about 2000 km when it suddenly stopped with no previous signs of worn out clutch. It produced unbearable grinding noise on clutch release which I thought was coming from the transmission. Luckily it was worn out clutch splines that where making that sound.Input shaft was not damaged. Mechanic said it was the first time he saw this. I never had any discussions on this with him, so my problem was solved with new clutch plate.
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