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Originally Posted by frostyuk View Post
HI all thought you might be interested in this update on Craig Bounds injury:

Hi all

Hope you're all well and not fed up with the snow! It's starting again up here - what a difference to the desert aye.

Well, when we arrived back day before yesterday we got Craig an appointment straight away with sporting Wales who look after many elite athletes in Wales. They decided that Craig should get a scan for his back straight away and would you believe it they found that he had fractured his vertebrae in 2 places in his neck!!!! How did the xrays at the Dakar miss that??? The doctors were gobsmacked he had carried on riding for 9 days after the injury - we can only be thankful that he is still walking as they consider this injury an unstable spine and a great risk of severing the spinal cord. If anyone goes to the hospital with this injury, normally they are strapped to a back board while they stabilise it and obviously dont go riding in the desert for 9 days in the toughest race in the world. We can't believe it...

He called me up after the scan and really casually said I've broken my neck and have to go to A & E. Luckily he doesnt have to have an operation and is still in hospital getting a neck brace fitted which he has to wear for the next 8 weeks.

Still in shock...."

I don't want to imagine what another fall would do to his neck Glad everything turned out ok ...
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