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Had shoulder surgery a year ago now, for multiple things. Lots of therapy afterwards as well.

The therapist and the physicians assistant were both right (who'd have guessed). I could keep on behaving like a fool and enjoy a long partial recovery with lots of pain and reduced motion and strength, or I could actually try behaving.

What can I say, after I quit trying to do dumb things, like using the chainsaw days after surgury, things got better.

Today, a year later, and the shoulder is not 100%. Never will be, and sooner or later I will have to have a replacement installed. But, I can ride, use the chainsaw and other such things. The shoulder clicks and pops, and sometimes it hurts sharply. But full range of motion is there, I can use all my wrenches, I can go dirt biking all day long.

Swollen damaged tissues have to recover, and that takes time. Physical therapy keeps things moving and greatly helps prevent loss of motion. Strength training (much later) helps build back up the strength, and done with care keeps that range of motion.

Does the glucosamine conjointin I take help? Maybe, maybe not. Dr says no, PT and PA both say perhaps. It's cheap ($15 for a years worth of pills), so even if it's psychosomatic, that's just fine.
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