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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Once you ride here you will understand that for guys who rack up big miles over the years in Mexico and those of us that live here and ride here everyday, we are more worried about other dangers than punks with guns.
We are worried about:
sand in a corner from mountain rains and run off
barbed wire
water and dirt in fuel
premium gas or not at the Pemex
flat tires at speed
topes that are unmarked especially in the wet
really stoned or wired double trailer truckers
torrential rains
losing a piece of luggage
weight gain from good fresh food and breakfast steaks with chiles and onions
camera batteries
rock falls
protests that close highways
political rallies that close town squares

You forgot:

Even though you've traveled Mexico with no intestinal distress so far, you know that somewhere out there, there is a piece of lettuce with your name on it. (but the food is worth the risk)

and, a somewhat related theme:

lack of toilet seat in places
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