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Originally Posted by battlecattle View Post
I am trying to cut as much power as possible. 2.9amps is great but if I can get that to 2.5 or even 2, that is a free amp to use elsewhere. LED headlight and a dimmer is a perfect way to cut my 4.8amp headlight to as low as computer possible and use that elsewhere.

Just some quick info I have compiled

My heated jacket and gloves on high draw 9.2 Amps
Stock headlight at the same time draw 4.8 amps
bringing my voltage down to 12.9v

so I am trying to bring everything under 13-14amps so I am not discharging my battery.
Don't this bike have a 400W stator? 400w / 12V = 33.3 Amp. Maybe your real problem is you stator is going bad?
Very common thread on here is
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