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Originally Posted by selil View Post
I wish as that would be balmy. Tomorrow is supposed to be 20f with snow and I need tires.

I used to ride in the snow and cold quite a bit when I lived in Wyoming and my cut-off was zero degrees F. Below that, even the electrics couldn't keep up with it. I like living in Virginia, we can ride year 'round, but we haven't had much snow at all since I've been here and I miss it. The snow just ususally turns to ice here whereas in Wyoming it would sublimate (one benefit of the incredibly dry air, I guess). Once the roads were plowed they would be bone dry even if there were several feet of snow on the ground.

It was so cold on my ride to work one morning that a water main froze and broke, then when it ran down the pavement it turned to ice, especially where the cars had splashed it around onto the cold asphalt. That was a bit slick, gotta watch stuff like that very carefully.

I once rode from my home in Lander to Teton Village (Jackson Hole) and back (350 miles round trip) with snow on the ground just to buy my season ski pass at the Village . It was cold, but it was pretty cool to combine my two favorite sports like that.

I've been running Shinko tires on my GS the past two sets and have really liked them for gravel roads and they work fine on pavement too, no issues in the rain. They're about 1/2 the cost of Tourances, grip great under all conditions, and last almost as long for me. The tread blocks are bigger with wider gaps and the rubber is significantly softer that the Metzelers so they grip better when it's cold. The Tourances seemed to get hard as steel when it was cold and lose some grip.

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