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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Isn't there a "Are Toilet Seats Safe" thread somewhere?

Travler's intestinal upset is no longer the threat it once was. I can remember when the only bottled water for sale in convenience stores was either a half a liter of Evian (naive spelled backwards by the way) or a 4 liter jug of Bonafont.
And they were priced about the same!

More than once, I've brushed my teeth in the sink down there and thought, "gee maybe I shouldn't have..."

I've even trusted the water carafe in a few hotel rooms. Maybe I shouldn't have... no ill effects.

Bottled water is definitely a boon for gringo travelers down there. No excuse not to stay well hydrated. The greenies may not be impressed, but if my gut is happy, I'm happy.

Every time I use the bathrooms on the Indiana Turnpike, I think: "Gee I've been to nicer places in Mexico." There are spotless places in Mexico- even on their toll roads.
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