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Just want to give a shout out to Sjoerd's book.

It is worth the price, summarizing a LOT of what you need to know if you're a noob heading south. Border crossing, traffic, driving tips, sign translations, etc. Reading the info sections will give you a lot of info that might be hard to find in the "Is Mexico Safe" thread, or require a lot of research around adv. He's compiled it all in two easy books.

What I think is also cool about the book is its old school. Layout and printing done old style with a word processor, hand drawn maps and a copy machine. It isn't slick and shiny, but its done with his research, time, money and sweat.

Hotel listings organized by town, with neat little FYIs about many of the little towns the hotels are found. A lot of the towns are little podunk towns (or just aren't known to gringos) that won't even get mentioned in Fodors, Lonely Planet etc. Buying this book, you are supporting Sjoerd's research as well. And opening up for yourself a wider horizon in Mexico.

AND... The book is a handy size to fit in a tank bag or sidecase. It requires no battery, no boot up time, no PDF, no cell or WiFi connection.

Great reading for scheming when its too cold to go out in the garage or out riding. Recommended for either the first timer, or one who's been there a few times.
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