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Triumph 800XC hard is a "beakectomy"?

Hi, all.

I'm currently riding a Ducati S4Rs, and have been doing a lot of research on an Adventure type bike. I've settled on the Triumph 800XC, and may pick one up in the next week. (Small chance I may get a good deal on the larger Tiger Adventure also.) But I'm pretty sure it will be the 800XC.

Problem is, I HATE the styling of most of these bikes, especially the beak. Frankly, it just seems dorky to me. The Triumph is the only bike to me that really has a nice, attractive muscular style. Having said that, I still hate the beak.


When looking at the models yesterday, the regular 800 has a nice small lip in place of the beak, and it seems it would be easy to remove the beak and buy the lip piece, and bolt it up. It appears they mount identically. If that were the case, I'd be in heaven and will pull the trigger.

Have any of you done it? Even if the beak serves a purpose off-road, I still wouldn't want it.

Thanks for any feedback.
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