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Looks nice, but it's also expensive. I was always taught to travel "under the radar", so to speak. That bag practically screams "steal me, I have expensive things". I guess it depends on where you travel, though.

I usually just use a cheap, small duffle. If it starts to tear or break, I can replace it cheap. Right now, I've got one of these. Small LLBean duffle bag, bright f**king yellow. Fully packed, I've carried: snowboarding jacket / pants / gloves / hat / goggles, 4 pairs of jeans, 10 T-shirts, 2 long sleeve button downs, toiletries, a 15" laptop (with charger), and a GoPro (with a few of the mounts). It's all about how you pack it. On top of looking fairly unassuming (and, I'm usually not well dressed either), it's also bright f**king yellow. Which is good, because you really can't loose sight of your bag.
I use that exact bag nearly every day for my change of clothes when I commute to work. We better not stand next to each other.

I wouldn't use it as a carry-on bag though...not anywhere close to the size limits. I prefer to max out the size limits...not that I have to pack that much...but if I needed to, I have the liberty to, and I'm much more likely to be able to avoid the baggage claim areas. The opening is also really friggin narrow to be stuffing so much into it.

Carry-on wise, I have two go-to bags. You're allowed to bring I have two. One that fits just barely under seat, and one that fits, just barely, in the overhead compartment, and both fit within CONUS carry-on limitations. Tumi happens to be my version, but they all have options that work--hartmann, Samsonite, etc. I lean towards the travel-specific brands, because they generally figure out the needs as a whole system, not just single pieces

The Filson is pretty good for the under seat option. Nice wide opening. It could stand to be a hair bigger. Classic look. Army-Issue durability. True, you're paying for the brand, not the durability (Army issue is cheap). But screw it, it's a nice brand. If you can afford it, go for it.

The criteria for the overhead compartment bag is that it be wheeled, and can hang the under-seat one over the side so that the weight is balanced on the wheels, and I can all literally control it with one finger as I *sprint* to the gate, regardless of what I'm carrying. I can buy a dozen bottles of scotch at the duty free shop, and still move easily and quickly. The overhead one also has got to be built w/ nothing that could be easily destroyed on the outside if I had to check it. I've sent ski bags, and back packs through, and you'd be amazed how reckless those handlers/machines are at keeping loose ends attached.
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