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Originally Posted by kobukan View Post
I give up. My point has been missed completely and the conversation has gone off in a completely different direction. I appreciate all the info. I'll still be riding in Mexico.
I saw your first comment and held my tongue (keyboard) and I have to be honest - I don't see the point that you are making and I don't understand why you prickle when we (or I) compare Mexican episodes to US episodes.

Because they are genuinely comparable.

The shots fired at the rider and a hijacking of an RVer's pickup that I posted here recently all occurred near Alamos. That used to be an enclave of wealthy gringos (I walked over to Carroll O'Conner's house back in the day and Paul Newman, among others, used to have houses there as well).

I have spoken to the lady that was in the group that got shot at. She said it was just one of those things.

Hell, I was warned about bandits on the very roads they were on over a decade ago.

Now, moving to the USA. Urban setting, because that's just the way that things work. Do you know why rental cars in Florida no longer have special license plates? That's because too many bandits and car jackers were targeting the tourists.

There are more tourist car jackings in Jacksonville and Greater Miami than there is in all of Mexico.

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