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Question Thick Skin

I learned awhile back that one has to develop a thick skin and take nothing personally when posting on this site. We, me included, can be a pretty merciless lot about some things and also be quite generous about other things, witness the contributions to Doņa Sara, a completely selfless act of spontaneous generosity. People step up here with all kinds of information. kobukan... I hope you keep posting, I have found your posts interesting and informative, and often based in a life lived, very valuable. Let's face it, the world at large is a more dangerous place than it was in the post WW 2 years. My children growing up in the early 21st Century did not know the idyll of my life in the mid-fifties in suburbia. They also did not know of "duck and cover" drills because the big bad Russian Bear was going to fly over the DEW line and drop a nuke on our little asses. The bottom line is that the "powers that be" love to keep us in line through fear of all kinds. Most of us just shuffle along with the flock, never put our heads up to see the lies, never set our gaze on a distant shore, de-cerebrate ourselves with shitty beer, crappy weed, bad television and worse sporting events. IMO, of course IMO, I just wrote it.
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