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Originally Posted by Mr. G View Post
Anyone with PC 800 experience think that PC with the Hannigan can comfortably haul around my fat ass plus my wife and dog, maybe close to a 600 lb. load when all up?

My (sold) GW1200 with a Cal Friendship II did it fine, my Ural sure feels the load.
I once had a PC with a Motorvation Formula II. I have not owned a Ural! I would guess the PC will be closer to the 1200 at the top end than a Ural would be. Mine had all the bells and whistles and was fun with the kids taking and picking them up at school and around town. OK on the freeway at 65 but cant imagine it was like your 1200 at top end. Hope that helps? I have pic's I am sure its just that they lay flat on top of kodak paper and don't live in the digital world as of yet or if ever
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