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Originally Posted by def View Post
The boxer engine should never be warmed up before riding. It is best to get your gear on, mount up and start the engine. Move the bike off the center stand, engage 1st gear and ride warm up.

There have been instances of boxers catching fire by owners who made the same mistake...starting the engine, leaving it running and getting distracted.

You were fortunate however, you may experience some heat related problems in the future (seals, oil leaks, wiring damaged, etc.).

I would inspect the engine oil for signs of overheating and change it if found to be suspect.
When the temperature dips below 10, I'll get partially geared, start the bike on the centerstand, go back inside to put on my 'stitch and helmet, then leave. This typically is during the morning when I'm on my way to work, so the chances I'll get distracted and not leave are quite slim.
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