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Trans Alabama


I must have the memory of a goldfish. Every time I pass through northern Alabama I'm (re)amazed at the number of elevation changes. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise, this is the southern buildup of the Appalachain Mountains that continue from here through Georgia, Tennessee, the Virginias, and on through the rest of the eastern seaboard.

I wish I could've taken a pic from the other side of these waterfalls.

The area does offer great riding if you don't attempt it when it's 35 degrees or when the temperatures and humidity make you feel like you're a captive in a bath house. Set out on an March or October day and you will be greatly rewarded with lush forests, moderate elevation changes, and those oh so important twists and turns. If M. Knight Shamalan got his inspiration from motorcycle roads these would be on the list of frequent haunts (ew).

I've seen a crane and a pair of cranes, but I've never seen a flock of cranes.

On a practical note... I'm trying to get my technique down concerning carrying my camera in a ready position. For the moment the strap goes around my neck and the camera body sits on the tank bag. It isn't really a bad arrangement now that I think about it, maybe it has more to do with my (un)conciousness of potential good scenes to snap. The camera itself is a marvel of technology. Sony and a few other manufacturers began building what the industry calls compact system cameras a few years back. They take a point and shoot sized body and mate it with a full DSLR sized sensor for great low light shots, and interchangeable lenses. The resulting package is mid way between a point and shoot and a DSLR. Ansel Adams I'll never be, but this thing gets me just a bit closer.

A crappy pic of a lake.

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Edutud fer speling and klarity.

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