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I think the GG factory in Catalonia has seen some major employee turnover in the last year and as a result, we have been seeing some issues (cost savings??/unskilled labor ??). Typically, these items are all covered by the dealer and Importer in the USA. Sometimes, with veteran buyers/mechanics, the dealer will allow the buyer to handle the issues in return for good faith down the road - this is the exception, not the norm. The dealer Im associated with inspected and repaired all the hydraulic problems after the 1st bike developed problems. He went through 6 all together. He replaced all the rear brake hoses as well. He buys Raga bikes for himself as well - so really gets to know the product and any quality issues. Im sure if Mung wanted his dealer to take the bike back and fix it - he would w/o any issue.

All dirt bikes have problems and issues now and then. I think the bigger issues are the ones associated with the design and cant be fixed with readily available replacement parts. Luckily, thats not the case with the Ragas. (as far as I know anyway)

Regardless - your right - after spending $8k on a bike, you should only be struggling with finding enough time to ride it. The riders who buy Raga bikes do have a passion for them, and in the past, have not sent bikes back. (that I know of ) Again - these are not design issues, so I think that plays into it as well.
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