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Originally Posted by Mgbgt89 View Post
What? My 625 SMC will outbrake any vehicle i've ever owned. Then again, they've all been old peices of shit. No way would a loaded semi stop faster than it.

Not saying i would draft a semi because of that though.
You are right!

A traffic school instructor had all kinds of data he showed us which said it had more to do with how much rubber was on the road than the size of the vehicle, but it turns out he was full of shit. It turns out a Ninja 250 can stop about 10 feet shorter from 60 mph than a Chevy Silverado can.

Of course, a rider will cover more than 10 feet during the reaction time, so it doesn't make a difference in this context, but it does piss me off that traffic school lies to us. Maybe next time I'll pay someone to take the course for me.
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