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6 foot 5 and 33" inseam. that rough prototype seat i've got was just to see if the straight line from the rear guard to the tank looked better. the foam i've used is pretty soft and actually sinks down about two inches and just as well... with the rear sitting inches higher now i'd be on tip toes if the seat padding didn't compress down.

it feels quite comfortable as is although after an hours in the saddle the legs feel a touch cramped, but i think the buell pegs dropping an inch will fix that perfectly.

the pic below shows the first seat padding i did. this used a harder upholstery foam and the soft higher one i've got now still compresses down to about this level.

if you were only beefing up the front forks (e.g. not putting dirt bike forks on), i would suggest just padding the seat higher, get the buell pegs and maybe kick the rear of the bike up an inch higher with shorter dog bones to maintain your footpeg clearance?
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