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I was sure my shoulder was wrecked,high speed water ski incidents,10 years of flattrack racing,soccer from junior high to college,trail riding since I was a small person and still do,about 8 years of re-modeling houses and I was sure it was done,hurt all the time,barely could move the one arm sometimes.

Had a girlfriend who was a deep tissue body worker,Rolphing is the technique. Very strong and very determined work by her has now made it so I cant remember which shoulder was bad,both work pretty good all things considered.
It was real painful to get that shoulder to move all the way around again,but worth it.

Rolphing breaks up old scar tissue and adhesions from injuries,I still go in for tune ups every now and then,ankles,feet,the whole body likes getting the heavy duty work.

Cant be a pussy and get Rolphing done though. Im enjoying my singletrack riding more then ever at age 55.
Still out on the Mt bike regularly.
Some bikes around at times
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