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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Leaving La Ventana on Baja we headed up to La Paz to the boat, arriving is La Paz we did a drive by look around on the way out to the Ferry terminal.

Arriving at the terminal we paid for our tickets, all went well until we left the ticket office, then they wanted $300 Pesos to park the bike ... port fees..WTF? we just paid our tickets!!!!

So some arguing and phone calls then f i n a l l y an English speaking lady said there is a port fee and it was $70.00 Pesos.

Back over to the $300.00 Peso people and yes that right it is $70 Pesos for motos ... here we go again.

$70.00 Pesos paid and we were good to go again but waiting for someone else to jump out with their hand out.

Getting onto the boat with time up our sleeve I went to tie Maya down, the shipping crew asked me where are my tie downs .... WTF this is your ship which I just paid to use?, so the guys comes up with a rope about 40 mm round..... nup that wonít work, then they bought truck size snig chains and I said very very polity like fuck!!.

So they found some rope and started to tie Maya down sensibly, they acted like they had never seen a bike before????

I had to do this all by myself including locking and tying as passengers are not allowed so they go on a separate bus.

After tying and securing Maya I went upstairs, by this time I was dripping wet and hot as, I found our seats and as luck would have my was and auto recliner or in English terms it was fncked.

Anyway leaving the gear there on our seats I went outside, set the socks out in the sun to dry etc ... nice.

Ellen soon appeared and we were reunited so I guess I will have to take her.

Soon as the boat set sail we commandeered some cool window seats that didnít auto recline, we missed out on a cabin so we saved $500.00 Pesos ... always a bonus.

Hey, it's good to see you on the road again.
So guys, how much they charged you for the boat trip? how many time it takes to reach MazatlŠn?
Keep going, we are really happy to read you.
(sorry about my english)
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