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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
part number listed at Max BMW is still: 16117704799

Which is the P/N they gave me in 2011 near the end of my warranty period on my 2009 ...
(and this replacement is starting to crack...)

You get a 5-year warranty from date of install?
Is that a special Canada thing?
Here in USA I think the best we can hope for is either 5-years from date of mfg (since it is an emissions related component),
or two years from date of installation of a replacement ....

I think you may be right that it's two years from the date of replacement. Previous owner used up my other three years.

Well when it's tossed on I'll let you guys know what P/N it comes with. It's a shame to hear they're still cracking but here's hoping I get lucky and the new one doesn't.
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