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Thanks for looking out. I do not want to trespass / get't be going up there.

Leaving today for 6 days in Death Valley. See you FF's when I get back.


Santa Cruz Mtns. woman gets 5-years in rope booby-trap maiming < Prev Next >
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Thu May 24, 2007 12:06 am |

Published Saturday, May 19, 2007, by the San Jose Mercury News

Woman gets five years in motorcyclist's disfigurement

By Rodney Foo
Mercury News

A Los Gatos woman was slapped Friday with a five-year prison sentence
for her role in stretching a rope across a Santa Cruz mountain road
and nearly decapitating an unsuspecting motorcyclist.

With her manacled hands clasped in front of her, a sobbing Donna
Mae Olsen, 47, turned to the courtroom gallery and addressed Robert
Barnes, the victim as well as her Loma Chiquita Road neighbor,
saying, "I'm very sorry" to him and his family.

Olsen and co-defendant Donald Bruce Bryant, 63, were convicted in
December by a Superior Court jury on two counts each of assault with
a deadly weapon. A third defendant, Edward S. Anderson, 49, Olsen's
common-law husband, was acquitted.

Both Anderson and Bryant testified during the trial. Bryant's
sentencing was postponed because his attorney, Anthony Pagkas, is
preparing a motion seeking a new trial.

Olsen did not testify at her trial. She had apparently tried to
strike a deal in exchange for her testimony but prosecutors did not
respond, according to accounts in court Friday. Olsen has been in
jail since her May 15, 2006, arrest.

Previous convictions

In handing down the maximum sentence, Judge Paul Bernal cited Olsen's
two previous felony convictions for drug possession and noted she was
still on probation when she was arrested in May.

"She got what she deserved," Barnes said. "It could have been a
little longer, I think."

Barnes, who managed to remount his motorcycle and ride away for help
while bleeding, is recovering from injuries to his face and jaw.
Barnes, who endured more than 500 stitches, still requires more
plastic surgery and dental implant procedures.

In the aftermath, Barnes filed a lawsuit against Anderson, Bryant
and Olsen, alleging negligent infliction of injury. Meanwhile,
Anderson -- who lives on Loma Chiquita, about a mile from Barnes --
served Barnes with a lawsuit, seeking damages for libel and

In response to questions raised by Bernal and others, Bryant waived
conflict-of-interest concerns, allowing Pagkas to simultaneously
represent him in the criminal case and handle Anderson's civil action.

Before being sentenced Friday, Olsen offered a rambling apology to
Barnes. At one point, her attorney, Shelyna Brown, quietly counseled
her, "Donna, stick to the facts."

Olsen said she was worried about her 4-year-old daughter's safety
because of dirt bikers roaring up and down the rural road in front
of her home.

She said there had been drinking, and she portrayed the hoisting of
the rope as a spontaneous event, an account that prosecutor Leigh
Frazier disputes.

"This took some premeditation and some planning to string up a rope
like that," Frazier said.

'I'll never forget'

Olsen spoke about how she cut the line down with a scissors after
Barnes was injured and how she was filled with remorse after seeing
his face "totally rolled up."

"I remember your eyes," she said. "I'll never forget what you looked

Facing toward Barnes, who leaned forward in his seat to hear her
words, Olsen said "If I can help you ... any way I will."

"You should have turned on Ed," shot back Barnes, alluding to her
silence during the trial.

After the hearing, Olsen's mother, Rosetta Allen, decried the
sentence. "It's terrible," Allen said, noting her daughter already
has served a year behind bars.

But the prosecutor said the seriousness of the crime could not be

"This could have so easily killed Mr. Barnes," Frazier said. "Think
of how it devastated his life, emotionally and financially, and the
face he looks back at every day because of the injuries he had. It
was such a pointless crime. I can't understand why someone would do
something so callous."

The "hillbillies" got the message up there. No trouble that I know of since. By the way...I believe those roads are public except in the "locked gate" sense. They have no right to stop you from riding on any public road up there... correct me if I'm wrong.
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