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went through mine last summer also.

I was unable to bend the U shape without kinking the hose, and did not want to pay BMW $30 for a part that would eventually fail.

I bought some hard ( steel) brake line, at auto parts store, 5/16" I think.
bent a U shape with a brake line bender, flared the ends, and used that.

Now I have a few short sections of the expensive submersible hose, all straight.

also replaced the fuel pump with a cheaper alternative.. Ill try and find the thread.


napa or oreillys ( gates distributors) can order the hose.

I am not suggesting this site, but it gives you the part number.

Originally Posted by Flys Lo View Post
Good point, just re looked at the kit, they don't include the hose. Do you happen to know that the ID (or AN size) the hose is by chance? (just so I can order it first)

Also, meant to add, did you just buy the standard Gates submersible hose and bend it to shape, or buy the original BMW hose when replacing it?
(According to your photo, and remembering the fuel lines inside, there is a sharp U-bend, I don't want to kink the hose if I just buy a foot long length and cut it to length/bend it)
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