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Originally Posted by L.B.S. View Post
Fascinating! For sure I will be glued to this RR!

Frankly I'm lost on the tire thing, though. I had to watch the video with no sound, so maybe I missed a voice over narrative. Apologies if so.

Why those oddball looking tires to begin with, and were the knobbly treads vulcanised on top of the existing or something?

They look much wider in the "after" pictures than the original width could air out to, even with being pinched in from storage/shipping.

Very curious!

Go Sjaak!
Hey no audio on these quick build snapshots. Although we'll try and annotate the key points soon, but I wanted to get them posted first.

No off the shelf tire would work, so yes these one off tires were made up, Why? For traction on ice, ability to add studs, and then the increased width - spreading the load out - will allow the bike to not sink in the hard packed snow. Hopefully!
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