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Great respect and appreciation for your transparency and your service. I was in the service just after Vietnam, but many of my buddies served in Vietnam and my first CO was shot down over North Vietnam and was in the Hanoi Hilton for about 5-6 years. When I was in, Vietnam was still a raw wound that many of the combat vets I knew still spoke least within the command.

If I may, regarding the current group of warriors, this organization is doing many good things for those coming home:

The current generation of military folks are also highly dedicated to their country and their brothers and sisters, as you were during your service. I've had the honor of meeting and speaking with some of them at Patriot Guard Rider missions.

Thank you again for honoring those with whom you served. Also, thank you for the combat photos-they really portray what you and your brothers went through-and for your photos of the orphanage. I'm glad many made it out and got here.
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