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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
I actually have a copy of the list, and all you fuckers are on it.

We're going to start siezing guns at your house, Luke, since intelligence gleaned from your youtube channel shows that no officers will actually be in danger of getting hit by bullets fired from a gun you are aiming. Also, thanks to your youtube videos, we were able to scrap our plan of dressing as ninja pop bottles when we attacked your house. We've seen what you can do to a 2 liter.

After you, we'll probably just go alphabetically; the only real problems I expect are from Craig; since the rest of you pogues are essentially just internet tough guys with small dicks, compensating for your lack of virility by buying bigger and bigger guns. Come to think of it, Whitey may be a problem, too, since he's clearly a deranged stalker. And we'll leave indypup alone because, as everyone knows, cops hate video cameras.
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