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That photo of the lower bearing race makes it look VERY (what's the proper word?) dimpled.... Head bearings cannot make use of the design of a bearing, which is meant to rotate A LOT, so they tend to press "ridges" into the race. If you run your fingertip lightly around in there and can feel ANY un-evenness or indentations, you should replace the bearing AND races....

It's sort of a pita, but really not hard to do once you are there (the hardest part is getting the old races out)... lots of descriptions of how it has been done. Heat the neck and run an ice cube around on the race; cut very carefully w/ dremel, etc. Same with bottom bearing on the head tube. Heat and cold will do wonders.

I think if you put in new bearings/races and lots of thick sticky grease your problems of tight/loose will go away.

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