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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
I did a quick search but didn't see anything in the topics about this.

I got a call from my mechanic yesterday where he said that in September BMW issued revised valve settings for the F650/800 engines. According to him, all the engines he's seen so far will need adjustment as they will be too tight, under the new specs.

He said each shim is about $12, and it'll take a little more than an hour to do, while he's doing my 80,000 km checkup.

I checked my valves today and under the old specs both of my exhaust valves for #1 were tight. I called the dealer to check the availability of shims and somewhere in the back of my clouded memory I remembered seeing something about new clearances so I asked the service manager at Riverside BMW what the specs where.

He gave me the In ,23-33mm and ex .3-.41mm

What that translates into for me is that now all of my valves are too tight for the "new" specs.

My local indie shop said not to mess with it, but the bike has 33K on it and I already have almost everything torn apart. I may as well do it right.

I made a pen change to my Haynes manual, Now if I could just figure out how to make a change to my BMW service DVD.

Between that change in valve clearance specs and the change to the heavier oil I wonder what is going on.
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