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Oh Yeah?

Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
GPSBabel can do the conversion, but it needs a bit of fine tuning. These gpx files were created by National Geographic TOPO and include not only the main route but one or more alternates. The alternate paths confuse the GPSBabel conversion and that is where the fine tuning comes in. Even with the alternate paths removed, the main track is 511 points - an inconvenient number. I have only looked at the first section - D1 - and it follows some existing roads here and there so I'm sure the number of points can be safely reduced. Overall, the track looks fine. Some of the altitude data seems mangled by the conversion process. explains their feeling about the gpx format. A little silly, IMO.

I will continue to work on these. I have the first segment nearly done, just adding the alternate paths. If anyone is interested, let me know.
Hey Phil in Seattle. It's plumb groovy that you managed to find things you found "silly" about our FAQ while ignoring reams of data that represent about a decade's worth of work - none of which cost you a dime. I guess that free served up with the expectation of a modicum of manners and intelligence is expecting too much in some cases. In fact, had you bothered to visit the reader forum or visit the Facebook page you would have seen that most of what you want me to do for you has already been done by others.

Since you didn't pay any heed to the volumes of advice we provided about T1, T2 and T3, and find our views "silly," I'll leave it up to you to discover why you are quite wrong about reducing the number of waypoints. Should you, by some miracle, make it to the Tour flagpole I would not stop wearing any kind of a sign that says "I am Phil from Seattle" unless you want an Idaho boot applied to your fanny.

All the best.

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