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Originally Posted by motorcyclejazz View Post
Hey Phil in Seattle. It's plumb groovy that you managed to find things you found "silly" about our FAQ
I wasn't commenting about your FAQ, only about the gpx format. A long list of waypoints is not how most folks use their gps units to navigate. I'm sure all the conversion has been done. Why not put a link to it on your map page? You are certainly welcome to my files.

Actually, I have read nearly every word on every page of your site. I applaud you for the effort. I just downloaded all the maps and spent the last 15 minutes looking at them carefully and figuring out where I have ridden and where I have yet to go. I have done nearly all the northern half - north of Salmon - and would have done more but for the massive fires last year. Nothing south of the Magruder in Montana and the Shoup area was open to travel. We couldn't get past the reservoir. Not that you could see anything, open or not.

Your sections in the south are on my list for the next year or so.

Thanks again for the effort. I didn't mean to demean it in any way. Idaho is a great place to ride and I have spent many happy miles on my knobbies in your state. A group of us here on the wet side are planning a T3 ride this summer so if you see "Phil from Seattle" I'll be happy to buy your beer.

BTW, I have heard a lot of the single track trails have been closed the last couple of years, All of your T1 is still open?

Thanks again for the excellent effort.
Phil in Seattle, WA
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