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CRF based Rally Bike Help

So I know a guy....

Actually Chavo asked me to inquire the minds about either A) putting a carb'd (pre-2009) CRF450R motor in his Team Honda Europe 450X rally bike or B) Adapting the tanks, nav, etc.. from the CRF450X onto a CRF450R.

Anyone familiar enough with the specifics of the motors?

Some drawbacks of the R for rally would be the closer gearing, perhaps too close for the long hours and longer liaisons? Also as far as I know, there is no electric start on the R's, correct? The R is also a higher compression, could lead to detonation problems at altitude and heat, perhaps?

His major mechanical problems in Dakar were mostly stator related. He had a few let him down and is looking from some assurances from Team Honda Europe that they can correct the problem but Chavo is looking to flush out some ideas and asked me to gather the wisdom of the collective. I pondered putting this in Thumpers, but the intent is more rally related so I wanted to keep that perspective on the overall discussion.

Thoughts anyone?
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