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Originally Posted by GapRunr View Post
I'm heading over to my friends house Monday where the bike is being worked on. I'll get some pictures of the clutch spline and input shaft. The clutch spline was shot, and the input shaft was borderline.

After 22 years of storage the bike got all new fluids, and anything that was rubber or plastic got changed. Tires, tubes, fork boots, seals, etc. Clutch pull was smooth and gentle.

I checked cable adjustment as well. All was good. I've heard that some of the early g/s bikes had soft input shafts, sounds like I got one of those...
Then you do know that it is the clutch plate splines shot-- you're ahead of the game, then. And it looks like the bike had all the proper "TLC treatment". Oh well, stuff happens. Get this out of the way and you can have a bulletproof transmission that'll last 30 years...

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