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Originally Posted by webbiker View Post
Describe your riding. 690 R is lighter, more powerful etc. but thats just numbers. The Ten could srill,be the better choice depending on your needs.
My problem is I have sold my KTM 300 EXC at age 46 cannot keep up with my brotherinlaw (10 year my junior) and his mates any more. So after 6 months of research I purchased a 2012 690 new with Akra. I have only done about 600 km, however it has become apparent to me that this thing loves dirt and just puts up with the road. It takes me almost 2 hours to get to decent dirt. The dirt close to me is to snotty for a 690 but perfect for a 300 or similar!

So I now categorise the 690 as the hoon of adventure bikes, however I test rode a Tenere the other day and yes much heavier, softer inferior suspension and less power, however it was way more comfy on the road!

So mad as it may seem I am thinking to sell my 690 and get a Tenere to do true adventure bike riding being both tar and dirt! The 12 690 is a massive improve over prior models, however I would have to spend money on it to get a dash like the Tenere has standard and change seat etc!

The 690 will blow any adventure bike off on the dirt, but is ordinary on the road and cannot do true single. So as much as I love KTM, I don't see the point as,a true adv bike without spending more money on it?

So I am thinking with the money left over to get another single trail dirt bike and Tenere, then I have all my bases covered!

Let me know if you think I am nuts?

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