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Originally Posted by Hay Ewe View Post
I remember from the build that Gaspipe started, that he removed some material from the paralever shock mount, nut much but it gave him a little extra clearance.
I think he was using a Michelin Desert and it was close fit and grew at speed.
His thread
was this one. Towards the end it got hijacked and he stopped posting about it. That was a downer.
you will have to trawl through the thread for the bit about where he removed some material. my search skills are not that good, maybe MsLiz can help there - she is the queen of searches I heard.....

Also, from what MsLiz posted, that explains the other threaded holes in the drive hub, for the disk on other models.

Hay Ewe

Hay Ewe, Hey!

Thanks for the compliment. Here's the post that GasPipe made about his rear wheel, in the thread above.



Originally Posted by gaspipe View Post
I had a little time last night to make this a roller again, for the first time in a couple months.

The front wheel is a 21 x 1.85 Sun, stainless spokes, with a 90/90 x 21" TKC80 - freshly shod today. The front disc has been properly spaced and the disc mounted.

The rear wheel is a 18 x 3.5 Sun, stainless spokes, with a 140/80 x 18 TKC80. I have a MAP rear torque link [thanks to Jim Rowley of MAP Engineering] which will raise the rear about 1/2" or so, and it straightens out the kink between the rear drive and the Paralever. It is a beefy CNC'd slab of aluminum, and is a worthy addition to *ANY* 11xx GS.

The 18" rear requires machining about .25" off the rear shock lug for the tire to fit, and leave what I consider sufficient clearance for the carcass to grow at speed.

Still a lot to do, but most of the real precision machining is done, with the exception of the caliper hanger. That's the next item to tackle.

The bike is so tall now, the centerstand has to be shimmed up with 2" of planks. The sidestand will need a 4" piece of steel rod sectioned into it to work again.

Stay tuned......
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