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I have used lithium batteries in RC Helicopters for years. There is definitely a hazard during charging. I charge outside in a lithium charge bag. These batteries are actually not forgiving. They will fail if discharged to far, they can detonate, or burn quite vigorously if overcharged. They can also fail if they have had a hard shock (helicopter crash). I dispose of any pack that has suffered a crash. That was probably a 2000 ish mah battery in the video. So if you have an overcharge situation while riding.... Or say you drop the bike and the battery gets damaged, it might get exciting. Another problem with the overcharging on our bikes is that the battery would not get to expand like the battery in the video because it is jammed in the battery location on our bikes. I have no scientific reasoning for this, but I would be afraid that this would cause a more explosive reaction. Instead of smoking, etc before you knew anything was going wrong. Right next to your gas tank, and other personal vital parts....

Another issue for me personally is the smoke that these batteries is highly toxic. You would want to stand well away from any lithium based fire. The up side is they weigh half as much as lead acid and have roughly five times the capacity density over lead. I'm curious how many of these lithium batteries are on GS bikes. And if there has ever been a melt down.
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