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Back to my question: how do you/I look up the ZDDP for an oil thats sold at retail on my local shelf. I'm not questioning anyones information but it would best to look it up oneself as desired. Maybe call the tech line for every oil? Thats how I happened onto the fact that Quaker State was pkg walmart full syn on the same line as the green full syn. Equipped with being able to look this info up you could keep up as the contracts likely change all the time as maybe the additive pkgs too.
As many car oil have moved toward the "0" ratings I've begun wondering what I "want" for my newer vehicles. As an e.g., Toyota changed the suggested oil for my truck from the one listed in the manual, much of that would seem to be related to making the EPA/MPG figures happen? I worry about the "0" oils in the summer...
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