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Got a 14ah Shorai for my Tiger. That is what they said would work but I had problems with starting. Talked to Shorai and found they had some bad boards in the batch that I got. They sent me a new 18ah at no cost to me. I got my GS and didn't have much of a chance to test it in the Tiger, but the few times I did it was OK. Tried it in my GS and it was stone not good in even cool wearther, like low fifties. Contacted Shorai and they sent me a 21ah battery again at no cost. I tested it down into the 20's (bike is in an unheated garage). No, it does NOT fire up like you would expect from its CCA rating (that number is bogus on Li batteries anyhow). It WILL start the bike if you learn the drill. Hit the starter. The first time it probably won't start. Wait a few seconds. Hit it again and there is a 50 50 change it will fire. Wait a few seconds and it fires. Some folks put a low amp heating blanket around them because they have a very high internal resistance at low temps. They have lots of electrons ready to flow but just need to be warmed up a bit to allow them to flow. There is another trick and that is turn the bike on for a while without starting (lights on is better) and unlike other batteries you don't decrease the probability to start, you actually increase it (unless you had a discharged battery to start with). Shorai has a very good technical section explaining all of this.
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