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Understood that 15W-50 is heavier than 10W-40. But in reality will this really make a difference? I notice A&S's oil change kit for the F800 & F650 (twins) still shows 10W-40. They do have a "super synthetic" BMW oil in 15W-50 @ $45.00/gal. "recommended for all BMW motorcycles after 1970." in spite of what BMW Germany told fireman.peter above ("BMW has not released fully synthetic oils for the 800cm-ROTAX-2-Cylinders!"). A&S also recommends change the oil filer (& oil persumably) every 3,000 miles while the owner's manual says every 6,000 miles.

So, what's up with all of this? Discuss

Oh boy, another oil thread.
Hahah agree this has turned itno an oil thread i am taking it there is a saying "to keep ur friends dont talk about. Religionpolitics or oil"

Thanks for the input do u think than for my F800gs its fine to run a standard conv oil instead of speading more for synthetic? Also i change every 2000 but good to know i coullld go longer i just do alot of offroad so somehow my oil gets dirty fast and in the az heat i am looking for an oil to run in 100plus degree temps for riding
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