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Day 11 Sinop Amasra 330 km

Day 11 Sinop Amasra 330 km

We had an early breakfast on the top floor of our hotel with a nice view of the sea, then we hit the road.

It was a tough ride. The road is theoretically a 2 lane road, but in fact it a one and a half, or just one. It runs close to the sea with endless ups and downs and a very strange surface of the tarmac. Luckily there is no much traffic on the road except some local cars. Still, the ride and the view were spectacular. I took us 8 hours to make the distance of 330 km.

The coastal road mentioned in an earlier post in under construction only until Sinop. There are major road works when one get close to Amasra.

On the way I lost the chain guard as a tribute/souvenir to the Turkish roads. It was shit and expensive and it only confirmed what sambor1965 was saying in an earlier tread here.

We stop for lunch somewhere on the road. Turkish food is delicios.

Nice view

Somebody was tired

We managed in the end to find a room at Amastri Hotel 300 lira for 3 nights and breakfast. The room was big and clean, but no AC. They have pool and a courtyard for the bikes. We put the bike right in front of our room.

Amasra Sofrasi is the best place to eat in Amasra. We went there every day.

By night

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